Stone business is the new marble B2B platform  ,  with an exclusive way to make transactions and business for all the supplier, buyer abut also professional job like architect , drawer , designer, installer and all that are around the stone business.

Nowadays the business is  always faster and faster  and to save time and money pointing professional team  like Stonebuisness.biz  to do the job for us. At a very minimum cost. Actually we have study that the price we can get (according with our selected supplier) is much more convenient for our client than pay our small fee.

Stonebusiness.biz is not a traditional B2B portal but you have to see as a professional  middle-man  that with seriousness  and know how will make the best for the seller and buyer.

The section of Project is really innovative : Architect, designer , or company can insert his project and Stonebusiness team will search and find the best reliable, quality , best price , supplier  and all the specifications that buyer need (delivery time , country of processing , etc).

Another new point of view for Stone market is the Business Opportunity section. You can buy or sell any type of activity , real estate  etc or find and offer professional figure like agents , tile layer , inspectors , drawing’s developer , quarry master  and all that is involved with stones.   

In the Innovative idea’s section we give you a free opportunity to show to the world your innovative ideas so that you can find people that can invest money in your dreams…

All the above descriptions are completely FREE of CHARGE , until you really finalize the business.

Stonebusiness will ask a small fee only if your business will be closed.